Picture Opportunity for Campus Organizations

Every year, Pandora Yearbook allows student organizations around campus to submit their information for the opportunity to be featured in the book.


If you (or someone you know) are a part of an organization that you love, take this incredible opportunity to be recorded and preserved in the University of Georgia's history.

Outstanding Senior Leader Program

Pandora Yearbook's Outstanding Senior Leaders program honors senior students who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to leadership, academics, campus involvement, and community service. They have worked hard to uphold the traditions of UGA, while making positive contributions to the surrounding community. This is an opportunity for these seniors to receive the recognition and honor they deserve for the legacy they will leave at UGA.

The winners are chosen by a panel of judges comprised of UGA faculty and staff. Selection is based on an application detailing the senior's achievements and involvement in the community. In recognition of their exceptional contributions to the UGA community, the students will be featured in this years edition of Pandora Yearbook. This distinction ensures these extraordinary students will be remembered for years after they have departed from the University.