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Job Descriptions


Pandora's editor-in-chief has a lot on his/her plate. They are responsible for:

  • Managing a staff of their peers

  • Managing the publication’s content and quality

  • Creating the school year's theme and a plan for using the theme

  • weekly meetings with the executive board

  • Attending and conducting weekly staff meetings to review deadlines, as well as upcoming photo and copy coverage

  • Overseeing the cover design, endsheets and any theme-related spreads, including opening, closing and dividers

  • Compiling the ladder diagram

  • Approving any changes to the ladder as coverage develops

  • Checking and prepares all spreads for submission

  • Establishing all deadlines, including mini-deadlines

  • Actively being involved in any team

Photography Editor

The photography editor is another executive board member. He/she is responsible for:


  • Assigning photographers for each UGA campus event

  • Tracking the school’s activity calender to be sure there's a staff member to cover each event

  • Notifying subjects when photos are scheduled

  • Making sure that no photo is used more than once in spreads

  • Checking to be sure that everyone has been photographed but no one has been photographed too much

  • Training photographers how to use and check out equipment

  • Coordinates the image management system so it’s easy to locate the photo files when needed


Photography staff members are in charge of actually going out to campus events and taking the photos necessary to complete the yearbook! They note the number of photos needed and how many are vertical or horizontal. No previous camera/photography experience is mandatory.

Copy Editor

The copy editor is the person in charge of all the writing that goes into the yearbook. They are responsible for:


  • Coaching the staff members on possible angles, sources and questions prior to interviewing

  • Reading and editing all stories according to AP Stylebook rules

  • Assigning coverage to the copy team 

  • Suggesting coverage ideas to the design and photography staff

  • Proofreading stories and captions after they are placed on the page

  • Checking the spelling of all names

  • Reading and correcting all proofs in a timely fashion

  • Providing constructive feedback to improve writers’ work

  • Comparing copy on all pages to prevent repetitiveness


The copy staff is responsible for interviews, securing quotes and establishing background for the story or photo caption. They also write complete captions on dominant and action/reaction/emotion photos, securing a quote to go with the caption. They also attend campus events to be able to write the copy that is included in each section.

Art Director

The art director is another executive board member. He/she is responsible for:


  • Leading a staff of students in designing spreads that cover events across campus

  • Using Adobe InDesign to edit and design these spreads 

  • Acting as the graphic designer to create graphics for any of Pandora's marketing/advertising efforts


Design staff members are responsible for making sure the proper template is used and that any adjustments to the template are approved by the art director. They also provide photographers a copy of the design template and discusses story angle so photos match the topic of the spread. Knowledge of InDesign is a plus but not required when first applying to be on this staff. 

PR Chair/Events Coordinator

The Public Relations Chair/Events Coordinator is responsible for getting the word out about yearbook as well as planning and executing promotional events throughout the year and the big premiere party at the end of the school year. He/she is responsible for:


  • Creating and executing a social media strategy/campaign for Pandora

  • Posting weekly on social media accounts

  • Coordinating with the photography editor, copy editor and art director for photos and ideas to post about

  • Planning promotional events throughout the year 

  • Maintaining  and updating Pandora's website

  • Planning and making arrangements for the big end of the year yearbook Premiere party